Soon after the band got going, the late Dr. Ira E. Fowler, an evangelist of the Church of the Nazarene wrote: 

"Sooner or later I knew it would happen.  Another outstanding Gospel singing group from Hollywood... Hollywood, Maryland that is.  This time it is pure Gospel Bluegrass music and singing just the way you like it.  The Bluegrass Gospel Express will bring a smile to your lips, joy to your heart and oh, yes, some foot tapping and hand clapping too!  Once you hear the Bluegrass Gospel Express, you'll discover to your delight that you are listening to one of the finest bluegrass gospel groups around today.  Bring together Dave Dixon's mandolin playing and vocals, John Pugh with rhythm guitar and vocalizing, Luke Brewer on bass and with his rare sense of humor, Linc Snyder lead guitar and vocalist, Mary Sue Joy in the center singing and playing the claw-hammer banjo, and Bill Davis with his unique banjo playing and singing... hold on... we're not through... yet!
Add Jerry Thompson, top harmony singer and master of ceremonies and you have, in one package, the Bluegrass Gospel Express. Now toss in a blend of love for Christ, concern for others and rich harmony.  All this makes for a gospel singing group that you simply must see and hear again and again."

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