Updated March 7, 2014 

February 7, 2013, just shy of his 90th birthday, we lost our dear friend and band founder Linc (Abraham Lincoln Snyder).  Please pray for his wife, children and grandchildren; and pray that the band will be able to continue without his great big heart.

We'll miss you dear friend.


The most recent photo of the band:
top, left to right: 
Jerry Thompson, Bill Adams; bottom, left to right: Steve Silvati, Mary Sue Joy, Curt Moss and David Dixon.

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Bluegrass Gospel Express began its ministry in a small way in 1992 and since then God's blessing has allowed us to grow and spread His message in song and testimony.  We are thankful for the opportunities He has given us over the years to serve Him and to meet many wonderful people.

If you would like the "BLUEGRASS GOSPEL EXPRESS" to visit your church have your pastor or music director contact us by calling Jerry Thompson at 301-373-8370 or sending an email to bluegrass.gospel.express@gmail.com.

ABOUT US (as of August 2013):

We are a Bluegrass Gospel band dedicated to lifting up the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in song and music.

The founder of our group and the one who keeps us in touch with our roots is Linc Snyder.  His authentic singing and guitar playing leaves no doubt that his heart is where it belongs.  Mary Sue Joy began singing and playing the banjo with Linc during breaks at work and when Jerry Thompson heard them sing at the Hollywood Church of the Nazarene he asked if he could join them.  Jerry started singing in his church choir while a child and always took every oportunity he could find to share his talent.  David Dixon has been singing and playing guitar and mandolin in bluegrass bands since his youth and was a member of "Glory Bound" before adding his talents to our little group.  Steve Silvati - our "bass man" has moved on to play a more active roll in is his church.  When Linc's health slowed him down, we were honored to have Curt Moss step in with his outstanding talents on guitar (and just about anything else) and great vocals that he has honed over the years since the age of nine.  He has performed and recorded with "Loafers Glory", "Flying Blind Bluegrass" among others.  Bill Adams (pictured above with his banjo) has also recently left the band and continues his well-know work with the "Grace Ole Opry".  And we're very pleased that Bill Davis (not pictured) has rejoined the band on banjo. Finally, it looks like good old Ed Stapanon (also not shown) is back on the roster with his amazing bass playing and singing.

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Jerry Thompson at 301-373-8370 or write to Bluegrass Gospel Express, 24911 Briscoe Thompson Way, Hollywood, MD 20636.
Or you can send us an email at bluegrass.gospel.express@gmail.com.

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Joe Goddard, host of Little Margaret's Bluegrass Festival - 301-475-8191
Rev. Wayne Frum, pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church, Berkley Springs, WV - 304-258-2979
Pastor Blakely of the Front Royal Church of the Nazarene - 540-636-4789
Pastor David Sparks, United States Air Force Chaplain
Reverend Harper of the Linville U.M.E. Church, North Carolina - 828-733-0649



"Tenderly Calling", "Salvation Station", "Stand Still", "When I Hear The Angels Sing", "Slow Train",
"I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You", "Sail On To That Promised Land", "Wait A Minute",
"The First Step To Heaven", "Going Up", "I Believe", "Two Coats", "Let The Light Shine In", and
"Farewell Trion"

I SEE GOD  (2008)

"You Don't Have To Move That Mountain", "Yes, I See God", "I Can't But God Can", "Be Thou My Vision",
"Three Rusty Nails", "Cooley's Reel", "Beautiful", "Do You Want To Live In Glory", "Great Speckled Bird",
"Hallelujah, He Is Risen", "Are You Afraid To Die", "Like A Songbird", "Old Time Way", and
"I Have Not Forgotten"


"Get On Board", "My Home's A Sight To See", When He Reached Down His Hand",
"Windows Of Heaven", "Suppertime", "Consider The Lilies", "River Of Tears", "What Kind Of Man",
"Nobody's Fault But Mine", "Build Me A Cabin", "If It's God Made", "Christ Was Born", "Treasures Unseen",
"Prayer Bells In Heaven", "Not Afraid", "Don't Your Know That I'm Happy", "Oh What A Savior", and
"Wagoner's Lad"

GET ON BOARD  (2001)

"Journey's End", "Where No One Stands Alone", "God on the Mountain", "Hallelujah Side",
"I Saw the Master", "Saved by the Man", "Holding up the Ladder", "Cast the First Stone", "Paul's Ministry",
"Is Not This the Land of Beulah?", "I've found the Way", "Thank You Lord", "Red Rocking Chair",
"Wings of a Dove", "That Home Far Away", and "Sheltered in the Arms of God"


"Everything's Alright", "Wait a Little Longer", "I Shall Arise", "He Didn't Stop at Calvary",
"One Beautiful Day", "Glory Bound Breakdown", "The Beautiful Altar of Prayer",
"I Like to Hear Him Preach", "On Heaven's Bright Shore", "I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap",
"Meet Me Over on the Other Side", "Led By the Master's Hand", "There's a Light Guiding Me", and
"I'm Satisfied"


"Blood Bought My Freedom", "Give Mother My Crown", "Far Side Banks of Jordan",
"Life is Like a Mountain Railroad", "Shield of Faith", "How Can You Refuse Him Now",
"Now I Have Everything", "The Man in the Middle", "Outside the Gate", "Little Mountain Church", and
"Gone Away"

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